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beautiful day.

June 12, 2008

Are we lucky with this weather or what?!

Hopefully you are able to enjoy it a bit as we have, the beach, parks, and ice cream shops will see a lot of us this summer 😉


She’s a beach bum through and through.



April 26, 2008

The time has finally come, we are moving and I will be offline until late next week. If you need to get a hold of me, please call.

I do have some great sessions this week though, so when I return there will be plenty of sneak peeks to enjoy 🙂 have a great weekend!!

um- yah.

March 12, 2008


Not much going on due to flu season, somehow we caught several strains in succession!! We are all finally on the mend, but for how long?

I hope that the flu is skipping your neck of the woods, or at least your home 😉 Hoping for things to be a bit more “normal” next week!

Just a quick Ella photo today 🙂


New music time- Renee and Jeremy

February 18, 2008

I love music, always have. Unfortunately most children’s music is not really my style and some of my favorite artists have lyrics that I really do not need my 4 year old repeating *sigh*

As some of you have noticed and commented on, I have new music on my website performed by the talented Renee and Jeremy ( ) which the girls and I are able to enjoy together!! My absolute favorite song is Powder Blue, it’s such a sweet lullaby, I sing it around the house all.the.time. Luckily for you, their version is much better than mine 😉

If you would like to win a free copy of It’s a Big World yourself, just leave a comment for me and a winner will be randomly drawn on March 1st.

Now grab your kiddos and enjoy the video 😀

that’s life.

February 6, 2008

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, and for the first time in a year, I have completely fallen behind with my blog. I am also behind with some proofing, but it’s getting there.

Some things I will have to wait to tell you, but the biggest thing is that Teagan was sick. Very sick. It’s actually the first time she has had anything other than a runny nose, but she had a fever that stayed over 103 degrees for 5 days 😦

While I expected to take her to the doctor and hear that she had her first ear infection, that’s not quite how it went. They couldn’t find anything wrong with her, other than the fever, and sent us off for a blood test.

Getting blood from a one year old is not an easy thing. She cried, I cried even more, we survived the experience but neither of us were happy about it!!
The next day, her doctor calls. ” I have bad news” *my heart dropped*
“The lab has lost her sample, it’s been destroyed, I am so sorry!!”

So while I was very thankful that something was not majorly wrong with my baby, she suffered through the test and we still didn’t have any answers.

Sometime over the weekend, I finally got her fever down, and it stayed down- Yeah! She is feeling much better today, and here she is in all her cuteness 🙂 Oh how I love this little face!




Ready for Santa?

December 17, 2007

I have been busy, as those of you waiting for cards, prints, and proofs already know! The girls and I have been sick for over a week now and I was missing my camera (yes, that really happens) but we took a minute for pics this afternoon 🙂


I hope that you are all having fun getting ready for the holidays, try to avoid crowded parking lots (especially Target) and the post office if you can. Just one more week til Santa comes and I can’t wait!

Say what?

November 9, 2007

Well, just some random rambling to share today.

It’s fall, really fall, and it’s cold and dreary and gray. *sigh* I went on a hunt for something to brighten the gray mood and found this….


and I got some new storyboards and had to try it out with pics of my little Teags 🙂 I am going to need more walls to hang these because I think I will be making a lot of them!  I hope you like it, I am loving the modern feel and a new way to display my photos!

Have a great weekend.

*this is halloween*

October 31, 2007

After watching The Nightmare Before Christmas a million times over the last few weeks, I just can’t get that song out of my head!!

Ella designed her very first Jack-O-Lantern last night and daddy carved it for her. She was so funny trying to decide what kind of face to make, but in the end it turned out perfectly!!!I tried for a spooky cat and daddy wanted a funny face 🙂 Have a great time out there Trick or Treating with your little ones tonight and don’t forget your camera!


October 21, 2007

We were total tourists for Ella’s big 4th Birthday! Didn’t take many photos, just enjoyed the time with the family 🙂

Ella’s highlight was meeting Minnie Mouse, she loved her! We stayed the the Disneyland Hotel and it was wonderful. If you get the chance to stay there, I would highly recommend it. You can even take the monorail from the hotel to Disneyland, totally cool.

Teagan’s favorite ride was It’s a Small World, she just soaked it all in. My fave was Peter Pan, and Bob’s fave was the Toon Town cars. We are already planning our next trip, it was the happiest place on earth for us because we were together…ahhhh.


October 15, 2007

Yup, it’s true! She is now officially 4 years old!!

My how time flies, from sweet baby snuggles to beautiful little lady in the blink of an eye. We will be away to celebrate her big day- going to Disneyland- yippee 🙂 What better place to spend your birthday than the happiest place on earth.