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* holy cuteness, little man-h* – a sneak peek!

May 21, 2008



strike a pose


Well, I know that there is a beautiful mommy and family waiting to see these so here we go. At just under 2 weeks old, little man-h isn’t so little but he is one beautiful baby 🙂 What a perfect face he has, he’s a stunning baby and so lucky to have such wonderful parents.
While he wasn’t in the mood to sleep during our session, we managed just one sleepy photo of him and many more of that gorgeous little face.

Thanks to mom for letting me meet this little guy and Congrats to dad in Iraq, we hope to have photos of the new family together very soon!!!


Go Topes 😉


Oh so tiny little man-O – a sneak peek

May 2, 2008






Can you believe all of this cute little baby-ness?! At just 2 weeks old, little-O and his proud parents are clearly enjoying being a new family!

Such a beautiful and happy baby, with beautiful happy parents, and I was lucky enough to tag along for a bit with my camera 🙂 Little-O has a stunning face and budding personality already, a perfect little baby model for sure.

A huge congratulations to the wonderful parents and extended family, you have been truly blessed with this little guy.



the adorable little-d- a sneak peek

May 1, 2008






I know that I feel it all the time, but I actually said it to dad on this shoot ” I have the best job in the world!”

Can you blame me? Little-D was so adorable and really showed us all what sweetie he is that we all had so much fun! What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

While it is frequently the first time for you to do this kind of thing, it’s always a first for me. The first time at a location, the first time meeting all of you, and the first time being welcomed in to your home! Thank you for being so welcoming and open with me as it really provides the best photos 🙂
I truly smile as I look at these photos as if they were my own children,  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do! Little-D is such a great little guy and so lucky to have parents like you.


* so I have been offline, without a phone, cell phone, and even tv!! It’s been a crazy week but all worth it in the end 🙂 We are loving our new home and things will be a bit more normal soon. If I missed your call or email, it’s not personal, it’s just a complete lack of technology on my end for what seemed like an eternity! I am back now, so if you need anything, please let me know. *


soon-to-be-mommy “D”- a sneak peek!!

April 15, 2008






Allow me to proudly introduce Miss-D who is going to have a beautiful baby boy soon!!! She is the perfect example of a glowing, confident, modern, hip, and gorgeous pregnancy.

While her husband is away in Iraq, we will be able to share some special images with him during this wonderful time in their lives hopefully making the distance seem not so far!! Since Miss D is 38 weeks along already, I will be introducing her little sweetie here soon…




Can you see that at 38+ weeks, she is ready to have this cutie 😉  Congrats to the entire family!


um- yah.

March 12, 2008


Not much going on due to flu season, somehow we caught several strains in succession!! We are all finally on the mend, but for how long?

I hope that the flu is skipping your neck of the woods, or at least your home 😉 Hoping for things to be a bit more “normal” next week!

Just a quick Ella photo today 🙂


that’s life.

February 6, 2008

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, and for the first time in a year, I have completely fallen behind with my blog. I am also behind with some proofing, but it’s getting there.

Some things I will have to wait to tell you, but the biggest thing is that Teagan was sick. Very sick. It’s actually the first time she has had anything other than a runny nose, but she had a fever that stayed over 103 degrees for 5 days 😦

While I expected to take her to the doctor and hear that she had her first ear infection, that’s not quite how it went. They couldn’t find anything wrong with her, other than the fever, and sent us off for a blood test.

Getting blood from a one year old is not an easy thing. She cried, I cried even more, we survived the experience but neither of us were happy about it!!
The next day, her doctor calls. ” I have bad news” *my heart dropped*
“The lab has lost her sample, it’s been destroyed, I am so sorry!!”

So while I was very thankful that something was not majorly wrong with my baby, she suffered through the test and we still didn’t have any answers.

Sometime over the weekend, I finally got her fever down, and it stayed down- Yeah! She is feeling much better today, and here she is in all her cuteness 🙂 Oh how I love this little face!




Happy Birthday Little-M – a sneak peek

January 17, 2008



What better way to celebrate turning 2 than with Hula Dancers, a pinata, games, friends, family, and of course some cake 🙂

Little-M spent her special day learning some cool dance moves, making flower leis, and playing with her friends. She definitely knew that it was her day and had a blast! I can’t think of a better way to end a party than with frosting on my face 😉 She sure has grown into a beautiful little sweetheart, full of toddler spunk and fun!

Happy 2nd Birthday Miss M!!
It was a privilege to there with all of you and capture some fun photos of the party, I hope that you enjoy your peek.


Introducing the “L” girls- a sneak peek!!

January 10, 2008




Aren’t they ALL gorgeous?! All the way from North Carolina and a long time coming (illness and rain delays) we finally made it to the beach for some photos.

Bianca and her girls are the most beautiful and fun family ever, we all had a blast despite the shivering cold 🙂 I will have to add a few more of these later, but I really wanted to give them a peek as soon as possible.

Next time you are in town, we just have to take the girls out to play 😉 I am so lucky to get to work with wonderful people like the L’s and capture amazing moments like this, thanks for allowing me to work with your family!!


Ready for Santa?

December 17, 2007

I have been busy, as those of you waiting for cards, prints, and proofs already know! The girls and I have been sick for over a week now and I was missing my camera (yes, that really happens) but we took a minute for pics this afternoon 🙂


I hope that you are all having fun getting ready for the holidays, try to avoid crowded parking lots (especially Target) and the post office if you can. Just one more week til Santa comes and I can’t wait!

She’s just too cute!- a sneak peek

December 6, 2007


Well now, words fail me on this one!

Really. The whole family was a ball and obviously BabyGirl-A is stunning. My cheeks hurt from smiling as we finished the session, I just couldn’t stop 🙂

I think you will see a few more of these as I continue to edit, she’s just too cute to keep to myself 😉