incredibly cute little-man l – a sneak peek!





Check out the baby blues and two little teeth on this 6 month old sweetie. He was a total doll from the minute I arrived, he kept showing me his cool crawling moves and gorgeous smile, I had to show you all how much fun he was to be around!

Just look at those parents too, it’s clear to see where little-l gets his great looks- what a wonderful family! How lucky am I that they stumbled across my work and invited me to take take photos for them.

Each session is an amazing experience for me personally as I get to know each of you and capture such precious memories for you! What a great stage of little-l’s life I have gotten to be a part of, I can only hope that you all had as much as fun as I did. Thank you again to the entire C-family for welcoming me into your lovely home and allowing me to join your family for a few hours. I had a great time!


*check out the little-man d post below, he and little-l are great buddies! must be cuteness overload when they are together*


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8 Responses to “incredibly cute little-man l – a sneak peek!”

  1. Samantha Says:

    Such a stunning little baby and gorgeous family! Great job A 🙂

  2. Caitlin Domanico Photography Says:

    Amanda! Gorgeous, stunning!

  3. echobelli Says:

    Thank you Samantha and Caitlin!! Can you believe those eyes, amazing.

  4. Ashley Says:

    These are so great! The colors and clarity are superb! Excellent work. And lovely family – what a doll he is;-)

  5. Kimberly Kyle Says:

    These are all beautiful. How in the world will they choose?! Great work. I LOVE the 3rd one!

  6. emily e. Says:

    These are just beautiful! Look at those eyes=)

  7. Kristi Says:

    I love the processing on these, not to mention the wonderful moments you captured…really well done! They are going to love these!

  8. Jennifer Says:

    awww, what asweet family, and an adorable little one love that first shot!

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