The Stunning Miss K- a senior sneak peek


Well now, can I just start by telling you that I had the BEST time with miss-K and her mom Saturday!!
It can be difficult for some to be in front of the camera, but clearly this girl is a natural beauty.  Not only is she a stunning beauty, she’s also a total blast to be around!

A-hem, notice that beautiful dress she’s sporting, she’ll be taking it for a spin this weekend to the prom, lucky girl! Have a blast miss-K, maybe you’ll even show me some photos 🙂

I hope that you enjoy your sneak peek, we have so many wonderful images it was difficult for me to only show a few 😉



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3 Responses to “The Stunning Miss K- a senior sneak peek”

  1. Amy Says:


    What a beautiful girl! Great shots. I love the flower field and there is such a great contrast in the different images; what a great way to show different sides of her personality! Love them!!!

  2. amandatrumper Says:

    Oh my word! She is stunning! Love the airy feel of these, makes me long for summer…

  3. echobelli Says:

    Thank ya Amy and Amanda!

    Amanda- are you sure that you’re not longing for So-Cal 😉

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