Introducing Miss J- a simply kids sneak peek


I can’t contain my excitement any longer!!! After months of thinking, planning, and dreaming, it is FINALLY time to launch my new simply kids line! Woo Hoo 😀 you may have noticed that my website has eluded to the “simply kids coming soon” for quite awhile now, but the new studio will be ready to accept clients in just 6 short weeks! Eeeeekkkk! (can you tell I’m excited?)

So what exactly is simply kids? It’s all about keeping it simple, just your little kiddo in beautiful black and white with a simple background, allowing your little sweetheart to remain the primary focus.

And who better to help me launch my new line that little Miss-J. Isn’t she just the cutest 18 month old ever?! Those eyes just take my breath away, I hope that her proud mom and dad enjoy these photos. She did a great job with me and had a little fun too 😉

There will be more simply kids sneak peeks during the next few weeks as well as some special packages to get you all involved with the launch. I am excited to announce this service as another way to cherish your memories, with new products to come as well…



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9 Responses to “Introducing Miss J- a simply kids sneak peek”

  1. caitlin domanico photography Says:

    Amanda, congratulations on the new line! This little girl is SO CUTE!!!

  2. Kelly Hubbard Says:

    I am thrilled that Miss J could help you launch such a great line!

  3. Kelli Hillerud Says:

    Amanda, these pics are adorable!!! Great job. By the way, I love the 11X14 print of Mariah. Absolutely amazing!

  4. Nancy Lancaster Says:

    You have definitely caught the essence of my beautiful granddaughter, Julia. The black and white makes them even more special. You have a special talent with children. Good luck with your new line.

  5. echobelli Says:

    Thank you guys!!
    I guess if mom and grandma are happy, that’s all that matters isn’t it 😉 Julia is such a sweetheart and obviously a beautiful little girl!

    Thank you everyone for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments, SO appreciated!

  6. amandatrumper Says:

    Great job on these Amanda!

  7. Jennifer Says:

    she’s cute, I love #3 beautiful!

  8. Linna Says:

    WOW! These are so FRESH and creamy-like Gap but meant as a compliment!!!:) Id have to havr them all! Like some big wall display for sure!!

  9. Kirsten Says:

    J – you sure look cute! Nice job Amanda! Love the new idea for your line! You always capture the eyes!

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