Introducing Baby-D and Family – a sneak peek!


I LOVE love LOVE family sessions! Look at this group and it’s clear to see why I love them so much 🙂

I think the photo with the arbor is one of my favorite photos of all time! Not only is it a fun family shot, which is my ultimate goal, but the arbor was actually made by a family member for their wedding and they were married under it! and now it is a backdrop to showcase what what a wonderful family they have become over the years. I couldn’t have planned a better sentiment for a family photo.

Our session was planned around new baby boy D at 10 weeks old, but it really was a family affair so in addition to cute-new-baby photos (can you believe the eyelashes on this little boy!) we also got some great photos of the whole gang.

You all were a blast, tell Miss S that I said hi and I hope that you enjoy your peek 😉


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7 Responses to “Introducing Baby-D and Family – a sneak peek!”

  1. Kimberly Kyle Says:

    You did an awesome job! I love every one of those.

  2. Amy Says:

    I love the black and white of the baby. I think that is my favorite baby portrait yet! The last couple of the little girl are really terrific as well. Congratulations on a great session!

  3. caitlin Says:

    Awwwww how sweet! Great shots.

  4. Rochelle Says:

    Such a cute session! Great job! that little blondie is adorable!!

  5. Karen..capturedhearts Says:

    Awesome job!!!

  6. echobelli Says:

    Ahh, thanks you gals for stopping by!!!
    The sweet comments are totally appreciated 🙂

  7. dawnie Says:

    I can not believe how cute these babies area. This must have been a blast for you!

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