Ready for Santa?

I have been busy, as those of you waiting for cards, prints, and proofs already know! The girls and I have been sick for over a week now and I was missing my camera (yes, that really happens) but we took a minute for pics this afternoon 🙂


I hope that you are all having fun getting ready for the holidays, try to avoid crowded parking lots (especially Target) and the post office if you can. Just one more week til Santa comes and I can’t wait!


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6 Responses to “Ready for Santa?”

  1. Roberto Says:

    Beautiful composition. Beautiful Kids. Beautifully captured!

  2. amandatrumper Says:

    Oh my what gorgeous girls! Hope you all are feeling better!

  3. echobelli Says:

    Thank you Robert and Amanda 🙂

    We are finally feeling better, though T is still coughing!

  4. Jeni Says:

    Wow that first one is stunning!!
    I hope you all get through this before santa comes!

  5. echobelli Says:

    Thanks Jeni!!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    oh wow that one with the fur hood that is so cute! Beautiful!

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