Cutie Baby-D and family- a sneak peek




Allow me to introduce cutie patooite Baby-D!!! For an 8 months, he sure knew how to work the camera 🙂

I hope that Mom and Dad enjoy their sneak peek, I had better get back to work finishing some galleries but wanted to get these photos of their little sweetie up for them asap!!


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8 Responses to “Cutie Baby-D and family- a sneak peek”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Wow- how cute is he!!
    Wonderful color and clarity too, great job.

  2. jerry Says:

    What a cute little man he is. Great photos of him, I am sure that mom and dad will be ecstatic about these!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    These are great, I really like that second one. I bet mom and dad will love these!

  4. echobelli Says:

    Thanks Jackie and Jennifer!
    I think they do like them, he was such a great little boy to work with 🙂

  5. Amy Says:

    What a cute little boy! I love the second photograph!!! Awww 😉 Such a cute little boy!!!

  6. echobelli Says:

    Thank you Jerry and Amy!!

  7. amandatrumper Says:

    What a doll!

  8. Mel Says:

    Amanda, you really captured Dane’s flirtatious nature! Cool pics.

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