Yup, it’s true! She is now officially 4 years old!!

My how time flies, from sweet baby snuggles to beautiful little lady in the blink of an eye. We will be away to celebrate her big day- going to Disneyland- yippee πŸ™‚ What better place to spend your birthday than the happiest place on earth.




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8 Responses to “*four*”

  1. Dawnie Says:

    Awwh. She is so gorgeous. I can not believe she is already 4 (sniffle). That means my lil boy is gonna be four soon too. Yes. It has gone by fast. She looks so proud. What a big girl (sniffle). Have fun at Disneyland!

  2. Dawnie Says:

    She looks likes you in these pics!

  3. Amy Says:

    Wow!!! Four!!! Time sure does fly. Tell her happy birthday for me and give her a great big hug please.

    Great pictures, by the way… πŸ™‚

  4. clarice`parham Says:


    Great Pictures of your beautiful 4 year old. She is such a perfect model! And you are such a great photographer!

  5. clarice`parham Says:

    She does look like you in these pictures! Takes me back a few years to my little girl!
    Teagan is looking more and more like her Daddy! I can’t wait to see how she looks in a few years. They are both so cute!!!!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Awww! Happy belated birthday! Such a beautiful little girl! I hope you had fun at Disney, sop jealous!!

  7. echobelli Says:

    Forgot to say THANK YOU to everyone!! She had a great day and time at Disney πŸ™‚ Still can’t believe that she’s FOUR!

  8. Lie-Fa Says:

    She is so beautiful. She looks like you!!!!

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