The K Family- a special sneak peek, continued…


Can you believe how sweet this entire family is??!! I am SO happy with my involvement with Operation: Love ReUnited because it has allowed me to meet such amazing people. Thanks again to the K Family for allowing me into your lives.


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7 Responses to “The K Family- a special sneak peek, continued…”

  1. Kimberly Kyle Says:

    These are awesome! What a great family.

  2. Photos_by_Roberto Says:

    Wow. Amazing photos! Great job Amanda!! Through your involvement in this program, you have picked such a good, constructive way to give something back to the proud men and women of our brave military.

  3. Photos_by_Roberto Says:


  4. Melanie Says:

    aww super special!

  5. Summer Says:

    Love that sunset! Beautiful colors!

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Gorgeous family and fantastic photos!

  7. Dawn Says:

    Love the photo of son holding daddy. It is a tear jerker. So sweet!!

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