tag- i’m it!

I have been tagged by fellow photog Jessica O. Check out her great blog! http://www.jessicaoatman.blogspot.com/  
This is a blog game. Basically, I must post 8 random facts about myself and tag 8 more photographers to do the same. So here it goes…

1. I love flip flops, don’t make me wear real shoes. I tried shoes on the other day and got a blister in 5 minutes- lol

2. I was an Army brat, moved a lot. Please don’t ask me where I am from, I don’t have an answer 🙂

3. Rats make me nauseous! Can’t even look at them in the pet store without getting queasy.

4. I am addicted to lip gloss. Any kind, any where, a girl needs her gloss.

5. I am a vegetarian. Have been my entire life, and while it’s very important to me, you probably wouldn’t notice unless we eat together.

6. Hubby and I dated for 7 years before tying the knot in Hawaii. Barefoot on the beach, it was our dream wedding.

7. Favorite color is green, and sometimes blue.

8. I love photography. Ok- you knew that, but I don’t think you know how MUCH I love it!! It really is all consuming for me, in a great way =)

Now I get to tag 8 other photographers… Some may have been tagged already but you can still check out their neat sites!


and a post from me just doesn’t feel right without a photo, so here’s one for you! This is a sneak peek of my Simply Kids line launching soon!



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2 Responses to “tag- i’m it!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks for the tag 🙂 I love this shot! Wonderful in b&w!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Some of your photos aren’t showing up? Probably because you went friends and family so you might want to update the html.

    (Delete this comment 🙂

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